Rules of participation

– Year 2017 –

The Art and Creativity of the People
Intellectual Disabilities


Competition Rules:

Goals of Awards and candidates.

The Foundation convokes the XIX painting competition for people with intellectual and sensorial disabilities to make known to the society its art and creativity.

Candidates for this contest can be those persons with intellectual disabilities of any grade of disability, individually or in teams.

Characteristics of the works.

The competition is based on free and specific topics. The drawings may be, watercolor, oil or pencil. You can also participate with any other material, provided it fits the size of DIN A4. Can not compete the same works that have won first prizes in other competitions.

los dibujos podrán ser, de acuarela, óleo o lápiz. También podrá participar con cualquier otro tipo de material, siempre que se ajuste al tamaño de DIN A4. No podrán concursar los trabajos que hayan obtenido primeros premios en otros concursos.

Only, a job will be accepted per participant.

Endowment Award.

  • 7 ‘free theme’ awards.
  • 3 specific  awards:

> 1 Cartoonist Award special “CESC” for Schools: Free subject

> 1 Award for theme “FLOWERS!”

> Award for the theme “ADVENTURES…”

10 Prizes will be donated by the Catalan Foundation Llars Residencials 10 trophies and 10 painting equipment TITAN ARTS winners and a medal of the competition for all participants.

Edition of the winning paintings.

The awarding of the prizes will involve the donation of the work to the Catalan Foundation Llars Residencials (Fundació Catalana Privada Llars Residencials), and the rights of the author, and reserves the right of publication, authorship and the name of the Association to which it belongs.

Presentation of the artworks.

The work of the contestants should be made within the following standards:


The work must have the dimensions of a DIN A4 sheet-which should be pasted on a white card or can also be drawn or painted directly, leaving both 3 cm on each side of the white card as edge thereof. (No work will be accepted larger).

How to identify jobs.

Each job on the back of it, will have the following markings: it must be numbered (BACK), title, name of the author, type of disability and age and name of the center.

If it is a collective work, on the back will be numbered and have the name of all authors. The Centers presented a numbered list of all the drawings submitted to the contest, with the name and surname, age, title of the work and signed by the head of the Centre.

Also a note where the contestant expresses the will to participate in the competition will be included, and to accept the bases of the XVIII Contest, and accept the decision of the jury.

Term and place of delivery   

>> The DEADLINE for delivery of the work will be on October 9, 2017. The drawings of the XIX Painting Competition should be sent by mail to:

Hotel d’Entitats de Gracia – Private Catalan Foundation of Llars Residencials. Street: Providencia, No 42- C.P.08024 Barcelona.

They can also be delivered personally at Magoria Civic Centre, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 247. C.P. 08014 every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 1pm and from 6pm to 8 pm.

The Jury

The jury designated by the Catalan Foundation consist of persons of the artistic and cultural world. Jury decisions are final. The prize cannot be declared “empty” by the jury.

Jury decisions will be announced in October 2017 and will be published on our blog:

Returning the paintings.

The authors of the works not rewarded, can claim them within a period of three months from the date of awards. The works can be collected at: Civic Center Magoria, C / Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona No.247- C.P.08014-calling before to the Tel.620555569. Indicating person or mail service that will pick them up.

More information:
Barcelona, 27th June 2017


Image of awards ceremony in the contest XV (October 2013)